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Mixed Metals - Miyuki Delicas

Mixed Metals - Miyuki Delicas

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Color 1 - Matte Black DB310

Color 2 - Silver Lined Dark Gray DB48

Color 3 - Hexcut Galvanized Silver (Galvanized means a special metallic coating.) DB 0035C (C for cut)

Color 4 - Gilt Lined Opal Db211

Color 5 - Galvanized Duracoat Gold (Galvanized means a special metallic coating. Duracoat  provides an enhanced protective coating on top to prevent wear and tear) DB1832


Brand: Miyuki Delicas

Bead Size: 11/0

Weight: 5 to 5.5 grams in EACH tube

Tube info: Vial with pop out top. Super secure and perfect for travel. 


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